Child Support Guidelines

To help determine how much someone will pay in child support, New Jersey has created the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.

Under these guidelines, the amount of child support is based upon the parents' combined weekly gross income. The guidelines also take into account:

  • The number of overnights provided to each parent
  • Any health insurance premiums paid by each parent
  • The cost of work-related child care paid by each parent
  • Any state or government benefit provided to the child such as Social Security benefits
  • Other child support paid
  • If there are additional children
  • Alimony either paid or received

If the child is over 12 years of age, the guidelines will be modified upwards of 14.9 percent.

How Child Support is Broken Down

The rationale behind the guidelines is that basic child support is broken down into three components:

  1. 38 percent of the award is allocated for fixed expenses such as housing and utilities, incurred even when the child is not residing with the custodial parent.
  2. 30 percent covers variable costs which include transportation and food.
  3. 25 percent covers controlled costs for clothing, personal care and entertainment.

One of the benefits of the child support guidelines is that it takes away any dispute regarding the determination of child support. However, these guidelines only apply if the parents' earned income is under $187,200 net after taxes are paid.

In most cases, these child support guidelines usually apply. However, the parents and/or the court have the right to deviate from them when circumstances require.

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