Extracurricular Activities

When children reach a certain age, extracurricular activities become very important to their physical, mental, emotional and psychological development. And, as children of divorce, these activities can also serve to help give them stability in their day-to-day lives.

Costs of Extracurricular Activities: Sometimes it's Not Enough

Although under New Jersey law the cost of these activities is built into the child support order, sometimes parents find that this amount is not enough to cover the true costs.

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When that happens, some parents will add a paragraph into the property settlement agreement specifically allocating the costs. In this situation, usually the parents will use the percentage provided within the child support guidelines to determine the allocation and cost of those expenses. In other cases, the costs will be split 50-50.

No matter which path you and the other parent take to make sure the costs of extracurricular activities for your child are covered, it is vital that you discuss them and come to a mutually satisfactory decision about them, when other issues are also being negotiated in the course of the divorce. Otherwise, the court will not likely tolerate expenses and contributions after the fact.

Know How Much Those Extracurricular Activities Will Cost? Plan Ahead. Call Us.

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