marriage counseling

Does marriage counseling really work?

Before officially filing for divorce many couples want to try and make things work before they start the divorce process. Research shows that couples therapy positively impacts 70% of those receiving treatment. There are also many types of couples therapies. Some examples are The Gottman method, Emotionally focused therapy also known as (EFT), Positive Psychology Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy also known as (SFT). Working through issues throughout a marriage in therapy can help bring back the bond that a couple shares and being able to talk about the issues that are being experienced with a professional often times helps both parties to be heard. According to a recent survey from Mid America Nazarene University, an average of 49% of married couples end up in marriage counseling at some point during their union. Joint counseling differs because two married individuals are involved in each session whereas other types of therapies have one on one time with a singular person. Although marriage counseling does not always work it is definitely worth a try for those who really want to save their marriage instead of going through a lengthy divorce process.