Getting Through Getting Divorced

While litigants don't often see it while going through the divorce process, divorce can be more than just an end, it is also a beginning. It is a chance to start over.

While divorcing, according to therapists, people should certainly grieve and feel the emotion of the end of their marriage, talk to their family and friends about it. They should also ensure that they reach a fair agreement at the end of their divorce process. However, the litigation will end, and what happens afterward is what needs to be considered.

While engaged in the process, it is hard to see beyond the divorce process itself. But as one litigant put it, it got a little easier. There is a light. And if able to remember this, it is important to adequately plan for what comes after.

Parties should always ensure that they come to a fair and equitable resolution once they reach an agreement. While parties often want to hurry the process, it is important that the long term is considered, as there will in fact, be a light at the end of the divorce tunnel.

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