Social Implications of Wealthy Couples' Divorces

A divorce, and the details involved in it, should stay between the couple. However, when New York's rich and famous get divorced, that very rarely happens.

For example, a real estate mogul, and his wife of 57 years, who is also a Guggenheim Foundation trustee, are getting a divorce, and it's the talk of the town. According to Vanity Fair magazine, there has been speculation for years, a new woman, and potentially a long and litigious divorce, as there is significant assets and wealth to be divided. Nobody but the couple knows the true story of what caused the divorce, or how assets will be divided, yet everybody feels that they must weigh in.

Worse, the divorce itself is not what everybody seems to be gossiping about, but also the speculation of how their "social status" will play out after, where they will go, and with whom. A divorce is complicated and hard enough on the couple, as well as their children, that it need not involve extra persons, nor any gossip or speculation.

All aspects of a divorce should remain solely between the parties, and should not invite gossip, rumors, and speculation. Couples have enough to worry about when engaged in a divorce, most importantly their children, and their focus and concern should not be on how their social standing will be effected.

Source: Vanity Fair, Emily Jane Fox, "Billion-Dollar Divorce Scandal Hits the Upper East Side,"