Considerations When Contemplating Divorce

Before filing for divorce, litigants should be prepared for life after divorce, as well as the divorce process. While no one gets married thinking they are going to get divorced, it is important that if one is contemplating divorce at any point during their marriage, that they begin to prepare for what lies ahead.

Factors to Consider

People often think only about what not being married to their spouse is going to be like, but there are many other factors that need to be considered. First, it is important to understand the implications that a divorce will have on your children. There will be a different parenting time schedule than the child is used to. This includes holiday traditions possibly changing. Further, the child, as well as the parties, need to understand that the financial arrangements are going to change, as there are now two households being supported on the same amount of money.

Every Case is Different

While everyone talks with their friends or family members about their pending divorce, parties should not compare themselves to any other couples who are getting divorced or who already are divorce. Every case is different, as everyone's circumstances are different, and therefore everyone's divorce will be different. What might have happened in your friend's divorce, may not necessarily happen in your divorce.

Determining Your Goals

It is important to discuss with your attorney what your goals are and what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not. As no one knows your life and your circumstance better than you, it is important to share this information with your attorney so that they can fight for it for you.

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Source: Huffington Post, What I Regret About My Divorce (It isn't what you think), Al Corona, April 26, 2016.


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