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Additional Considerations for High-Income Individuals

If you are involved in a high net worth divorce, know that it is a very complex process. There are many different financial, business and property issues that must be evaluated, investigated and analyzed before any settlement agreements can be proposed or negotiated. It is also a delicate process: one requiring a legal professional who will act with discretion and who is familiar with more private avenues available to divorcing couples, such as collaborative divorce, mediation, arbitration or negotiation.

To ensure you receive everything you are entitled to in a high net worth divorce, you will need an attorney who has dealt with such complexities discreetly, much like the Monmouth County attorneys at the Law Office of Steven P. Monaghan, LLC.

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Preparing a High Net Worth Divorce Case

The preparation and research needed to carefully examine and provide the court with a detailed accounting of such assets as real estate and property holdings, off-shore accounts, businesses, and corporate concerns can be quite lengthy. It requires careful review by experienced financial analysts and forensic experts.

Among the many vital concerns that must be addressed in a high net worth divorce are:

New Jersey divorce law is based on rules of equitable distribution. This means the division must be fair, but not necessarily equal. The larger and more complex the various elements that comprise the family's holdings the more the two parties and their lawyers will find ways to argue what is fair.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we will answer any and all your questions and explain the many choices you will have to make regarding the equitable division of marital assets and the different options we can show you to make the right choices to protect those assets and satisfy the law.

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