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Business Valuation in Monmouth County

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Ensuring that your business is properly valued is a very complex task, not merely determining its selling price in the current market. It goes far deeper than that.

How much of that business's value is tied to the spouse who spends the majority of his or her time there?

Or consider professional enterprises like dental offices, physician's practices or law firms. How much of the value of that business is tied to the experience and qualifications of the spouse who practices there? A difficult but vital question to answer. That is why it is important that the Monmouth County divorce attorney you hire understands those complexities and has professional resources at his or her disposal to properly answer all of those questions.

Through our more than 60 combined years of serving divorce clients who own businesses, we have developed strong relationships with complementary professionals like forensic accountants who provide the specialized help you need.

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Working With Experts as Necessary

At the Law Office of Steven P. Monaghan, LLC, we work with experts to ensure that your business is accurately valued. Our trusted reputation in the legal community means we have access to equally trusted experts.

While your case may be resolved through negotiation or some form of alternative dispute resolution, a battle over the future of the business may require that your case proceed to trial. We have the experience to protect your stake in a family business or another business interest in front of a judge.

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