Car Expenses for Minor Children

Helping Parents Handle Child Support Matters

Our clients have often asked us: "Who is responsible for paying the car expenses (i.e. car payments, licensing fees, car insurance, car maintenance) for minor children?" Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that question and each determination is made on a case by case basis. We can help you determine how car expenses for your minor children will be allocated in your situation.

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What Happens When You Two Cannot Agree

If the divorcing parents cannot agree on the allocation of automobile expenses, then the court will have to make such a determination. Depending upon the judge and the county, the outcome may vary.

In our more than 60 years' combined experience in helping our clients determine the allocation of the children's car expenses, we have seen many different approaches taken by judges:

  • Some judges use the percentages listed on the child support guidelines.
  • Other judges find that driving expenses are already included in the child support guidelines as the guidelines specifically mention transportation expenses.
  • Other judges may disperse the cost of the children's automobile expenses by allocating one-third to the father, one-third to the mother and one-third to the child.

  • Then again, some judges look at your present financial circumstances to determine your contribution to the children's automobile expenses.

Because you know your child better than any judge does, it is wise for you and your former spouse to come to an agreement yourselves.

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