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If you are like many of our New Jersey clients facing divorce, chances are you have many questions and concerns. We understand. Divorce is such a complex and individual process. By many measures, it is a major life event.

For nearly six decades, we have been successfully guiding clients like you through this significant life event. We are the experienced Monmouth County divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven P. Monaghan, LLC. Let us guide you.

Two Basic Divorce Issues

With all of the many issues facing you in divorce, they can be divided between two general categories: child and financial issues. Everything falls into at least one of these categories and all of the pertinent issues must be addressed in the divorce judgment.

How these specific issues are treated in a divorce depends not only on New Jersey law but also on the particular circumstances in an individual divorce.

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Child Issues

Some specific child issues related to divorce include:

  • Legal custody: The right to make important decisions for the child, such as education, religion and health.
    • Joint legal custody: When both parents have the right to make those important decisions.
    • Sole legal custody: When only one parent has the right to make those important decisions.
  • Physical custody: The one parent — known as the custodial parent — with whom the child lives throughout the entire year.
    • Shared physical custody: When both parents separately have the child living with him or her, for a portion of the year, per an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Parenting time: Prescribed time when a parent is present with the child.

Financial Issues

Some specific financial issues related to divorce include:

  • Child support: The legally mandated amount of money the noncustodial parent is obligated to pay the custodial parent for care of their child.
  • Post-high school expenses for the children: Under New Jersey law, the noncustodial parent is also obligated to pay these expenses.
  • Spousal support: The legally mandated amount of money one ex-spouse pays the other, also known as alimony. If an unmarried partner seeks support, that is called palimony.
    • Limited duration: Spousal support that will end at a specific point in time, prior to the death of the recipient.
    • Rehabilitative: Spousal support that is provided for a period of time until the recipient ex-spouse can become financially self-sufficient.
    • Reimbursement: Spousal support provided to an ex-spouse as reimbursement for what that ex-spouse contributed to the other during marriage.
    • Permanent: Spousal support lasting for the lifetime of the ex-spouse.
  • Property division: How all the assets and/or debts that were shared during a marriage are now divided between the two ex-spouses during divorce. Assets can include the marital residence, retirement accounts and pensions, life insurance, taxes, and counsel fees.

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Divorce is a very complex and personal process; there can be no cookie cutter approach.

To make sure all of your divorce issues are properly and legally addressed, talk to an experienced Monmouth County divorce attorney at the Law Office of Steven P. Monaghan, LLC by calling (732) 624-6343 today.

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